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Architecture Firm & Design Build Firm, North Shore MA

Pionarch Design and Construction is an architecture firm and design build firm on the North Shore of Massachusetts, providing architectural services, commercial interior design and construction services in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Pionarch  is a customer driven design build firm focused on high design and integration with superior construction quality. We create, develop, comply and construct to the newest energy standards and tested building technologies. 

Residential Architecture & Construction

The mission of our residential architecture and construction services is to design and construct new houses for 21st century users as well as to make existing houses exceed the requirements of the minimum current code requirements. We believe houses should not fall apart, leak, or poison the people living in them. Our goal is to design and build houses that serve our clients for many years to come, are comfortable and do not lose value. 

Commercial Architecture & Interior Design

Our commercial architecture and interior design services are focused on creating branded spaces that speak to the audience and grab the attention of the type of client the owner is trying to bring inWhat this means is: Creating company standards and customizing a design for your brand, which is required to survive in today’s market. We’ve developed a new way to work with firms to be able to assist them more effectively. Our Commercial design build team consists of designers, artists and trustworthy consultants that are here to help you define your model. 

Why choose Pionarch Design and Construction?

Our value is bringing architecture, interior design and construction under one umbrella to offer a unique, customized outcome. We work with trades like: HERS Raters, Passive House Certified Service Providers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, other contractors and their subcontractors to provide high quality standards to our customers. Our architecture firm develops long lasting relationships with our clients who refer us to their family members, friends and business owners for years.

Virtual Design

We design using visualizations and renderings to help our clients understand the design before it’s constructed. Renderings convey space in three dimensions and are designed to serve as a communication tool. 

North Shore Architects and Interior Design Firm

Pionarch is one of the best design/build firms on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We are focused on energy efficiency and quality, and we are growing and expanding our services into Boston and suburbs. Our commercial interior design services are not limited to the location. We can work remotely and we extend our services to our clients in Poland and other countries. Our commercial interior design experience comes from working for firms in Boston and it will continue to grow under Pionarch for years to come.

Design your vision… Build with precision.